Monday, 20 August 2012

It Used To Be So Simple

It was my partner's birthday recently and as I drove down to Sydney to meet him to see a movie together, I considered this fact. You see, in the car I had my son, one dog in the back seat with him, the other dog (who vomits) in the boot area (so she would vomit only on the plastic flooring and I could hose it down), the pram, my bags, my son's bags, my son's food and the dog beds. It had taken me the better part of the day getting everyone organized and the car packed. We were staying at my partner's parents place and they were babysitting the dogs and baby. It had been planned a week before. It had become a military operation. No longer can I leave home with just my cell phone and wallet. It used to be so simple.  

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

It's The Little Things

That I miss about living in the city. I wouldn' t change my life on the farm for anything, and I get all claustrophobic after too much time in town. However, when I stay in Sydney I am reminded of the small things I forget about, being on a property. The sound of a car late into the night, a siren waking you up as it screams by. Signs of human life. Stepping out for a coffee. People. Seeing friends without having to arrange it weeks in advance. People. Cafes. Restaurants. Stores. The energy of the city. The hum. The grit. The smells. The angst. The rattle of a train in the distance. Just knowing that there are people around. Culture. The ease and convenience. Did I mention people? 

Monday, 6 August 2012

Weekend Chores

We spent the best part of Saturday vacuuming the paddock. That's right. A paddock vacuum. Think your Miele on steroids. Greystone MaxiVac. Electric Blue. It sits attached to the back of the ATV and sucks up horse and cow manure. Someone must have thought it a good alternative to shoveling. Never thought I would find it so satisfying. Fun for the whole family.