Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sunday in Thailand

Finally I have been up to something interesting enough to make me want to blog about it. The monotony of being a house frau/farm hand/working Mum has got the better of me lately and I have had a major case of bloggers block. Every time I come up with a literary epiphany I sit down to write and nothing comes out. Who the hell cares about what I am going to say? I have come so close to publishing tips on how to keep a 2 year old occupied and how to braid my bay leaf tree, but, thank the Lord, I have not. At least for now the curse has lifted and we are spared.

It was my partner’s Birthday last month and as a gift to him I booked us a Thai cooking class this past weekend, at Spice I Am in Darlinghurst. He hates curries so it was a gamble, and one which paid off big time as he really enjoyed it. It was one of the best things we have done in a while and a really great way for the two of us to spend a day together without child, learning something new. Sujet Saenkham, Executive Chef and Director of the successful Spice I Am restaurants in Sydney, was so inspiring - his back story is both remarkable and humbling and we loved every second of his class.

There were three dishes on our menu to make – Gaeng Ped Yang - Roast Duck Curry, Som Tum – Green Papaya Salad and Pad Prik Khing Pla – Stir Fried Crispy Fish Fillet. The spice level was enough to send me into an early labour being 4 and a half months pregnant, but they were delicious and simple to cook - given a highly talented Thai chef held our hands through every step, the “Market” table where we gathered all our fresh ingredients was fully prepared for us, and the clean up was non existent due to the amazing staff. And we enjoyed a great glass of wine at the end with our meals we had cooked. I was so spiced up I couldn't even drink all of mine. 

As well as having delicious self made take out for lunch the next day, we have come away ready to build our vegetable patch – with Chillis, Kaffir Limes, Basil, Cherry Tomatoes and Papaya as our starting crop. I also have three new meals to add to my very small repertoire. Guess what we are going to be eating all Summer?

Sunday, 15 September 2013

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Focus People........Working From Home

Pic Courtesy of - Lego's Office
As I launch my new online store I am open to any tips to get focused working from home. I have always had a place of profession to go, to get in the zone and be productive in my business. Now I face the challenge of working at home with a toddler, partner, animals, chores, cleaning, washing, cooking, phone, TV - the list goes on when it comes to distractions and interruptions. With lack of room to have a space just for myself and my office, I am going to have to really be committed to the task at hand. Here is a list of handy hints from Remodelista which I came across this morning. I am hoping it will provide some insight. I know that putting our son in front of DVD's all day is not responsible parenting but I find that helps..........
  • As much as possible, take care of distractions before working. If you are distracted by disorder or something that can be completed ahead of time, take care of these items each night before heading to bed so you can focus on work the next day.
  • Work at your best time. Find out what time of day you are most productive,then structure your schedule so you can do the work that requires the greatest amount of focus during the times when you are at your best.
  • Work at a table or desk. Work in a place that feels like you should be doing work there. Sit at an organized desk (or table) and in a sturdy chair.
  • Keep your to-do list visible. Start each day by reviewing your to-do list or creating one so you have a clear understanding of where you’re going. Crossoff items as you go.
  • Add deadlines to your task list. Use a calendar, a stop watch, or any other device that will help you to reach goals by specific times.
  • Keep email notifications turned off. Since email comes in at random times, it is hard to work without interruptions. Check e-mail on a schedule or when you take a break. If you can, turn that notification off when you need to focus.
  • Have water and healthful snacks close by. Selecting your snacks at the start of the day will keep you from taking excessive breaks to the kitchen.
  • Take breaks and stretch. At least once an hour, you should move a little to keep you at your best.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

It's Official - has launched

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