Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Honesty Box

It has been really refreshing to come across the honesty box. I couldn't believe they still existed, but in the country it seems they do. There are lots of local produce stands along the roads where we live and depending on where you stop, the fruit and vegetables are of amazing quality and cheap. Run by local farmers who grow a lot of what they sell, it is a full time business for most and extra money for some. Our area is well known for citrus, and has been one of the largest citrus producing regions in Australia. Stone fruits and avocados are also locally grown. Some stalls are fully operating stores, which have grown from small stands over the years. Others are a bit of tin roofing on poles selling whatever is in season. I have even seen a wagon with bags of oranges hanging off it. When the stalls are closed or unattended, they have an honesty box. You take what you need and honourably pop the correct money in the slot. Can you imagine this in the city? Good old country honesty.