Monday, 28 January 2013

Peace, Love and Mung Beans

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I was in bed at 9pm this past New Years Eve. We were staying in Vanuatu on a family vacation. It was a welcome change to wake up at 5.30am on 1st January feeling fresh and revived, looking out at the ocean. I am taking it as a sign of things to come this year in regards to my wellbeing. 

Once or twice a year I do a juice detox. I am still trying to kick the last of my baby weight - it took a little longer for me due to the borderline alcoholic tendencies I have towards red wine. Any new Mum will back me that there is nothing wrong with a glass or ten each day. I have also been burning the candle over the Silly Season - too much good food and beverage. We have just waved off the last of our weekend guests - they have been coming in various droves since October last year, so it was a long season and the Farm Stay Social Club is now officially closed. I am feeling like it is time for a health kick start. 

My current approach to dieting is that it is better to eat healthy, well balanced meals and not cut out too much, rather just be aware of portion control. Eat fresh produce, not too much sugar and keep carb intake for the first past of the day. Get plenty of sleep and regular exercise. So the thought of a whole 5 days of just juice, or a streamlined diet cutting out coffee, a bit of chocolate here and there and my red wine is a shock to my system. 

I am taking a two pronged approach:

1. Urban Remedy's juice cleanse to start. Urban Remedy make it easy as all the juices are prepared fresh and delivered to your door in a neat refrigerated pack. They offer varying degrees of pain within their program, so there is something that can work for everyone. 

2. Dietlicious. More appealing than Lean Cusine. They too offer varying degrees of pain. I opted for the Gluten-free 5 day cleanse. The idea of not cooking for myself for 5 days won me over.

Neither companies deliver to us in the country at the end of a dirt road, but both deliver Sydney metro. In theory I am excited and motivated. In reality? Talk to me in a week.