Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Footy Season

Pic courtesy of Ray Brookman

I am excited. Yeah. 

I have had a really great 3 or 4 months and only this past week I worked out why - no Rugby. 

My partner is amped for the season ahead. Don’t get me wrong; I love the athleticism, I respect the skill, the team playing and the competition, as well as witnessing the male physical form at its peak. I can appreciate the game and love watching it live. There is just something about watching the footy on TV that makes me glaze over. I don’t know what it is. I try to sit and watch a game here and there with my man. Just to support him - as he did me when Pregnant In Heels, Mob Wives and The Amanda’s dominated the screen. However, 5 minutes into play, I vague out. What is that?

I know that our nation is driven by a Sports-minded majority. I come from a creative background, and have mostly been surrounded by creative people. Having said this I am also a body in motion in that I exercise regularly or else I go crazy, I have always worked out with trainers and pursued physical activity, from Yoga to Pilates, to Gyrotonics to Martial Arts. I am in awe of the Human Body and it's ability to transform when pushed to it's limit. Our Health fascinates me. But before I met my partner, I was never exposed to so much Sport. Ever. Unabashed Alpha-Male, beer drinking, personality-changing Sport. My God. I guess I should be thankful that the Cricket Season is coming to an end. For me anything longer than a one-day match feels like I am watching paint dry. During the summer, if we are not watching cricket on Television, we are listening to it on the radio in the car. Rural car radio reception is not always the best. Cricket on crackly car radio makes me want to top myself.

Go the Eels.